Community Leaders Supporting


Kevin Ashe

Deputy Mayor

Regional Councillor

Vice-Chair, Veridian Corp.

Durham Police Services Board

I've known Kurtis since he was 12 years old.


He has worked hard for Ajax and Durham Region, specifically its young people.


He has my full support in his Regional Council bid as he would make a great Councillor for the taxpayers of the Town of Ajax and Durham.

The Late

Rick Johnson

1954 - 2016

Deputy Mayor

Regional Councillor

City Councillor

"I've known Kurtis for a long time and I know him to be a strong advocate for local issues and he always looks at all sides of a debate before coming to a conclusion. Kurtis knows how to work with a team and get things done."

Todd McCarthy

Partner, FM Law

Former Catholic School Board Vice-Chair & Trustee

Kurtis brings energy, experience and a strong sense of commitment to public service. I know he will work hard for the residents of Ward Three and will ensure your hard earned tax dollars are spent wisely.

Derek Fernandes

Former CEO

Durham Youth Council

Kurtis was the driving force behind Durham Youth Council since its inception. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management abilities as Youth Regional Chair, and guided the Council through difficult and complex situations.

Youth Councillor

Zak Rhemtulla

I've worked hand-in-hand with Kurtis at the Pickering Youth Council. He is passionate, driven and he gets things done. I'm happy to support Kurtis as Ward Three Councillor.

Carly Lambe

Former Deputy Youth Mayor

I'm supporting Kurtis because of his vision for our Downtown. It's about time we have someone focused on a jobs and business focused Downtown Ajax.

Krystal Doggrell

Former Ajax Youth Mayor

Having worked with Kurtis for over half a decade, I not only know about his passion but also about his work ethic, which is second-to-none!

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