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A resident of Ward 1 has contacted me regarding a recent run in that she has had with a coyote that she believed lived in the Shadybrook Tot lot, likely living under the White’s Road bridge.  


As I’m sure you are already aware, Coyotes and other wildlife are quite common in Pickering however our residents are often a bit frightened when they see them.  I’m hoping you can use your social media avenues to reach out to your constituents with some information to help reassure them as well as keep them safe if they do see them.


Below is a some information you might want to use.


Sightings of coyotes are very normal, and much like birds, squirrels, raccoons and other animals, they have found a permanent home in urban areas, including Pickering. 


Coyotes are generally shy animals that do not want a confrontation however, they are often drawn to places where they can easily find food. 


Below are a few tips to help minimize a potential interaction with a coyote;


·      Garbage should always be kept indoors until   the morning of pick-up, and should always be stored in animal-proof containers.


·      Remove bird feeders (coyotes are attracted to bird seed, birds, squirrels etc.).


·      Reduce contact with coyotes by avoiding the areas they frequent, especially at key activity hours during dawn and dusk.


·      Do not allow pets to run freely, keep them on a leash.


If you do encounter a coyote remember to remain calm.  Do not turn your back or run away, rather back away slowly and if you feel unsafe don’t hesitate to contact 911. 


If walking at dawn or dusk, bring a whistle or personal device to frighten any approaching animal. 


Remember, please do not feed the wildlife, it will attract all kinds of animals, not just the small cute ones.

Visit to learn about coyotes  and other wildlife commonly found in Pickering.

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