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On April 25th, Mayor Dave Ryan announced he would not be seeking re-election in the upcoming Municipal election.


I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Mayor Ryan for proudly serving the residents of Pickering for twenty-eight years, nineteen of those as Mayor. His dedication, commitment and love of our city has been unwavering and he’s always done what was in the best interest of the residents.


Through Mayor Ryan’s leadership, integrity, enthusiasm and optimism, Pickering has thrived and grown. His vision for the City of Pickering’s redevelopment has set us on a path that will ensure that Pickering continues to be a world-class city.


I personally have benefitted from Mayor Ryan’s mentorship and we have all learned from his innovative and inspiring leadership. I know he will continue to have an impact on the City of Pickering long after he retires. It has been an honour and a privilege working with Mayor Ryan.


I wish him all the best as he begins a new chapter with Anne and his family.

Kevin Ashe


Thank You Ward One!


For once again placing your confidence in me. Representing my fellow neighbours, friends and taxpayers at Pickering and Durham Regional Council is not something I take lightly, I always have Ward One’s best interests at heart when voting at council.


I look forward to communicating with residents through various different outlets like email, website, phone and through social media. I am always available and look forward to hearing from YOU! 


Over the coming term, I'm excited to work with council to bring more jobs to Pickering, keep taxes low and most importantly Move Pickering Forward! 

Kevin Ashe

Regional Councillor

Ward One, City of Pickering


"Councillor Kevin Ashe is a cordial presence on council, debating respectfully and asking thoughtful questions. He takes a keen interest in how issues impact residents in Ward 1 and is knowledgeable when it comes to his constituency.


He makes good use of social media to keep the public updated and gauge feedback on hot topics, such as a proposed casino. Councillor Ashe is accessible to residents and this year worked with police to host a seniors’ seminar on the danger of scams. 


His civility and willingness to break with council’s 4-3 voting pattern are helpful."

2014 News Advertiser Report Card


"Councillor Kevin Ashe is adept at balancing residents’ needs with the good of the city. In a recent dispute over student enrolment at an area Montessori school, Coun. Ashe helped bring residents and school administration together in an attempt to compromise on the issue, which reflects his good sense and diplomatic qualities. 


He also continued to champion the casino issue after his original motion to declare Pickering a host city failed. He frequently plays the peacemaker at council, championing civil debate over arguments and providing calm, logical input."


For these reasons his grade has improved this year."

2013 News Advertiser Report Card